About us

We craft robust, easy to understand applications. Our apps perform only few tasks, really good.

GoodAppl 2012

Digital experiences

Founded in 2007, GoodAppl is a software publishing house focusing on the mobile market. GoodAppl is committed to create outstanding digital entertainment through development of its original intellectual properties.
By focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, we maintained an exceptional reputation for quality worldwide.


During the last five years we develop published and distributed applications and games for mobile devices, video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and web browsers. In 2010 we served 300,000 applications solely to iOS devices.

Business is good

“Make Our Clients Happy and Have a Good Time Doing It” – That’s what we do daily.
We provide quality services for our end-users, we always deliver the goods on time. We listen to our clients and their needs and consistently striving to improve our services. Working with us is a guarantee to our clients success: satisfied clients are our biggest contributors to future business.

“GoodAppl has been skillful in designing a rich experience that will reach the greatest number of users for our products, which in turns makes our business more successful and they’ve been very effective at doing that.”

Jesper Brandt – CEO FutureTrends

“We’ve worked with many brilliant talkers but it’s seldom that you run across a company whose words and actions match. GoodAppl has gone above and beyond to make sure their actions meet their intentions.”

John Ferguson – HumanFactor

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