Perfetto – board based memory game / shape placement

Perfetto is a board based memory game designed to train your memory in a playful and entertaining way.

4.4 stars on on AppStore

Perfetto – board based memory game / shape placementon AppStore4.4

Perfetto is especially helpful in improving the short-term memory and shape recognition.

The training is simple, fun yet effective.

Simply to play / Hard to master

To play, drag the shapes to their relevant places on the board within the given time. The lower you set the timer, the more points you will get for each shape placed correctly.

The in-game high score system allows competing with family and friends. Play this amazing memory game with your kids (age 2+).

Excellent – This game has improved since I first bought it – Now it’s very smooth to play… I like how the board changes each time – something the original lacked.
Absolutely love it. Great reminder of the good old days…


Favorite childhood game!! – I love this game!! It’s great!
This is much better than the original version because it changes everytime. It’s freaking good for “ocular muscles” and forces you brain to quickly discern the shapes. Why play a game unless your getting something more out of it than fast fingers..


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