Get yourself in shape, Top ranked push-ups and fitness tool. (Marine Grade*)

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iSergeant389 vote – AppStore4.3

Counts push-up by itself, without a physical touch

Build to last

Military equipment is build to last, it should operate at all times never failing it’s owner, even under extreme conditions, with that in mind we created iSergeant.
A motivating tool for push-ups training. This robust, metal casted application is the ultimate push-ups tool you will ever need. It works at all times, never crashes and servers it’s owner faithfully for years to come.

Simply start the application placing your iPhone on the floor in front of your chest. Once you complete a single valid push-up, the application counts the push-up by itself, without a physical touch!

With that, the application also plays audio feedbacks, provides a scoreboard system for betting with friends, saves your progress, and generates outstandingly beautiful graphs allowing you to follow your progress visually.


  • Count modes for generic practice
  • Score board for betting with friends
  • Cadences mode, a guitar hero like game (read below)
  • Training planner
  • Progress logging system
  • Graphs and progress monitors
  • tSupports iPhone (all), iPod Touch

This App will increase your strength, follow the training layout and you will be completing 100 consecutive push ups!

Cadences mode

iSergeant features a game mode much like guitar hero – known as “cadences mode”. In this game mode a “drill instructor” is singing a cadences song (military motivating marching song), the player should provide push-ups within the song’s rhythm. Assuming the push-ups are done well and in right rhythm, the songs continues with both the drill instructor and the marines singing a cadences song, otherwise the song “breaks” and the Sergeant get somewhat upset.

Your progress

The application will adjust it’s own training plan according to your progress, provide as many push-ups as you can. The application will let you carry on at your own pace.

This helped do much I have lost 5 pounds since starting from 1 and a half weeks ago.


This app is great! This is one of my beat apps, I started using it last week and I can already do more push ups than I could. It really just motivates me to do push ups whenever I see it.

Cameron (iKruuZe)

Great workout ! Love how it sets goals for you and gives you a rhythm to workout to. It’s made me a little bit stronger.

Future army

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